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Nitrate free bacon (also known as nitrite free bacon) is a new kind of bacon that's made without using the additives that cause health concerns, such as nitrosamines. These additives are traditionally added to meat products, including processed bacon, ham, hotdogs, and other deli meats. They preserve food, and provide a bright pink color and taste that people enjoy.

The most common additives used in processed meats are nitrates and nitrites, which give them their distinctive pink color, and help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria like botulism during the curing process. However, these additives are not healthy for you and may be dangerous if consumed in large amounts. Visit this page: to get high quality nitrate free bacon.

Bacon contains up to 380 mcg of nitrates, and nitrites can be found in many other meat products such as deli meats and sausages. When nitrates and nitrites come into contact with proteins, they can turn into the carcinogenic compound nitrosamines in your body. In fact, the World Health Organization has ruled that nitrites increase the risk of bowel cancer.

There are many reasons why nitrates and nitrites have been linked to cancer. Those who consume processed foods containing high levels of nitrates and nitrites, such as bacon, are at an increased risk for colon cancer. Moreover, high levels of these chemicals in the blood are associated with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

So what can you do to avoid this problem? One way to do this is by eating less meat. Another is by choosing uncured meats, which are free from nitrates and nitrites.

Natural nitrates are found in many vegetables, such as celery and beets, but they can be difficult to use for curing. Instead, synthetic nitrates are synthesized to mimic the effects of these vegetables.

This is why we've made our uncured bacon nitrate and nitrite free. Then we add our own unique blend of seasonings and fresh sea salt to create a flavorful bacon cure that's more delicious and better for you.

We also make our nitrate and nitrite-free bacon with a natural ingredient that does not contain nitrates or nitrites - cultured celery powder. Unlike the additives that have been previously mentioned, this organic celery powder has no adverse health effects and does not contain any artificial flavors or colors.

In addition to being free from nitrates and ribbing, our nitrate and nitrite-free uncured bacon also contains no preservatives or other ingredients that are known to cause health problems. That's why we are proud to offer you a product that is better for you and your family!

Nitrate and nitrite-free bacon is a great choice for people who are looking to make a healthier, more delicious breakfast. But is it really as good for you as some believe? You can go to website to learn more on why nitrate free bacon is the most prefered type in the market.

Some studies have shown that nitrates in bacon are worse for you than nitrites. That's because nitrate-containing meats like bacon contain high levels of saturated fat and sodium, which are two other factors that should be avoided by those who want to decrease their risk for heart disease. To understand more about this subject, please read a related post here:

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